Price List (Cash Only)

Jungle Lake Lodge Rental (double occupancy)
Per Unit (bedroom + bathroom) $ 95/day**
  $ 500/week**
Additional person $ 10/day
Camping at the Lodge on the Veranda that you rented
In case of more than 2 persons per day, we set up two-person pop tents on the veranda for you, at no additional cost, as described under “Camping at the Lodge”***
Activities in the Jungle Eco Reserve
The Jungle Lake Lodge is located on the Jungle Eco Reserve and access to the reserve is free for renters of the Lodge. For camping at the Jungle Eco Reserve, see the Jungle Eco Reserve website.  
Canoeing and Rowboat (incl. life vests and oars)
Canoe rental – 1 - 2 persons (125 kg maximum) $ 30/day
10 feet rowboat – 1 - 2 persons (125 kg maximum) $ 35/day
Fishing Gear per set $ 15/day
Barbecue Set (incl. charcoal, lighter fluid, lighter)
Set for 1 – 5 persons $ 15/day
Breakfast $ 8/person
Lunch $ 12/person
Dinner $ 15/person
Airport pick up/drop off $ 70 one way
Ride to/from Panama City $ 60 one way
Ride to/from Colon $ 30 one way
Boat trips
4 hour boat trip (for one or two people) $ 50
4 hour boat trip (extra people) $ 10/person
Full day boat trip (for one or two people) $ 90
Full day boat trip (extra people) $ 10/person
** Check out 11 am, Check in after 1 pm.
*** We can give a discount on the price if you bring your own tents.